Incygames launch their first free iPhone/iPad game "Conxy"

On 14th April 2017 Incygames Ltd, a tiny startup based in Bath in the UK, launched their first iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) puzzle game app "Conxy".

Conxy is a completely new, free and addictive puzzle game. The concept is simple. Connect squares together in a grid to complete your challenge in as few moves as possible. As players sharpen their skills, they'll progress through over 60 engaging levels.

"We just love it", "Super addictive and so much fun", "A mix between Connect 4 and Tetris" is some the early feedback.

Phil Martin, Director and founder of Incygames, said, "Conxy has been in development for about a year. Astrid, my 17 year old daugher, and I designed Conxy to be something that could be easily learned, played in short bursts and slowly reveal its subtle complexities. Will Davies, a friend of my older daughter Claudia, has beautifully crafted accompanying music and sound effects. We are delighted with the initial extremely positive response to the release of the game, including nine 5 star reviews on the AppStore, and want to thank all those who have downloaded and played Conxy."

Conxy can be downloaded from the AppStore

For more information about Conxy visit the web site or email